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    Pakistani Short Film ‘1978’ To Feature At The Locarno Film Festival

    Hamza Bangash’s short film ‘1978’, which is based on a young Goan Christian rock star, and depicts  Karachi city during the late ’70s, is...

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    Usman Mukhtar’s ‘Bench’ Wins Big At South Shore Film Festival

    Director cum actor Usman Mukhtar has made the whole nation proud as his short film ‘Bench’ won the award for the best short film...

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    ‘The Donkey King’ Gets Amazon Prime Release In English

    The Donkey King is now available for the US & UK audience on Amazon Prime Video in English dubbing. Aziz Jindani’s masterpiece, ‘The Donkey King’,...

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    Adnan Sami Blames Bollywood For Promoting Nepotism

    ‘Bollywood Mafia’ promotes nepotism, says Adnan Sami Bollywood is facing the heat for promoting nepotism and Adnan Sami is the latest to shed light on...

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    Spencer: Kristen Stewart To Play Lady Diana In New Film

    Kristen Stewart will play the role of Princess Diana in the upcoming movie ‘Spencer’ Hollywood diva Kristen Stewart is all set to play Lady Diana...

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